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Time Management.  It’s something we all could do with a little help with. How many times have you found yourself with a giant workload not knowing where to start or how to tackle it, when your minds starts drifting and suddenly you are checking the latest rugby scores online or looking on Facebook to see if your friends are up to anything interesting? Next thing you know you are scrambling to meet a deadline and working until a very unsociable hour. Sound familiar?

The ability to manage time, to prioritise & to avoid procrastination makes for a much more enjoyable life.  There are many possible ways of acquiring this skill, but the simplest is often the best, & what a difference it makes when you get it right.

Well we have the solution!  A well structured and planned out day can not only increase your productivity, but effective time management can help you create more free time for yourself! And who doesn’t want that?

Farry Riddell Business Consultancy use tried and tested systems to help you get more out of your day and we’d like to share these with you!