We opened our café nearly a year ago and it’s been a very busy, challenging and rewarding first year in business. Our customers and the people within the community have been hugely supportive of our venture.


I engaged Malcolm Farry as a consultant very early on in the planning stages of the business as I knew I was going into something which would be relatively large and demanding.

I had heard of Malcolm through the Dunedin grapevine- he has a longstanding reputation as a successful business owner and consultant and the scope of his knowledge in this area is impressive.


I found him to be very approachable and grounded. He quickly got a thorough understanding of what I was trying to achieve and helped me clarify the steps that I would need to take to realise my vision.


I’m not short on positivity and drive but found it so valuable to have the guidance of someone with his level of experience in business.



Cafe Owner

Quite a lot has happened with our business since we met. We now have a new major shareholder and Managing Director, lots of new advisers as well as other non-branded advisers and have experienced strong growth.
The business plan helped us set clear goals which have been instrumental in this growth. With the objectives in front of us it is easy to work together to achieve the desired outcomes or review and update as necessary.
I would encourage anyone to take time out of their business to work on the business. Having someone to challenge your ideas is a great place to start and I found the questions you asked at our first meeting certainly made me think about how others see our business model.
All the best and I look forward to seeing your updated website.


Financial Advisor, National Chain