Development & recording of in-house procedures guarantees a consistency in performance.  An Office Procedure Manual is a wonderful tool for both new & existing staff.  There are some basic templates which are simple to follow & will add greatly to your organisation.

 Administration and good administrative procedures are the backbone of any good business or organisation. The negative impact on your business not having robust administrative procedures is far more severe than you may think.

Many new businesses and organizations put a lot of emphasis on business plans, strategic planning and forecasting, and whilst this is great, no real thought goes into what happens in terms of the administration – record keeping, filing systems, accounting, debtor and creditors, Inland Revenue returns and many other areas.











1) Help you with your basic office set up and train you in various aspects of day to day office administration.

2) Help existing businesses and organizations, working with you in areas you may have identified as problematic in your administration

3) Help devise tailor made ‘office procedure’ manuals so there are clear procedures for the administration of your business.

We are happy to provide you with our basic Business Administration Toolkit to get you thinking about the types of administration you need to consider – a basic timetable of when you might look to undertake certain administration tasks. 

We work with clients in a number of ways

to keep you on the right track in Administration land